TMA Construction can manage your entire construction project from initial demolition and earthworks to complete construction and internal finishes.

Our builder will provide you with an early, on-going and comprehensive view of your project. We analyze and evaluate schedule acceleration options, functionality of design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing system, and design harmony.

TMA Constructions is committed to establishing long term relationship with clients.

We actively promoting team approach and an open supportive environment that facilitates smooth project delivery and positive outcome.

TMA consulting expertise allows clients to make decisions on all aspects of the new construction or renovation, the professional design team is selected on a project basis to ensure optimum skills and expertise to suit each specific project.

TMA Constructions has over 20 years experience in building, design, construction and management of all types of projects, from residential construction and developments, additions and extensions to commercial renovation.

We have great reputation on completing our projects to the highest quality on schedule and within budget.

Our services:

 • Preliminary design cost and planning

• Site /property inspection

• Construction method and materials consultation

• Engineering design

• Construction and project management

• Renovations and design within occupied premises

• Design and constructions

• Project schedule programming and cash flow

• Completion of existing projects